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Do you have a junk car on your property that's no longer functional or worth repairing? Then turn to us for a different solution. We perform efficient junk car removal services at fair rates. Our professionals can pick up vehicles of any size, make, or model!

Why Get Rid of Your Junk Car?

Junk cars take up so much space on your property. Why keep them when you aren’t even using them anymore? They’re just there collecting dust and the parts start to get rust, further causing the value of the car to decline. The moment you realize you have no use for a car, have it removed from your hands. Transfer the title of ownership to a junkyard that buys cars for cash so you can get money out of something you won’t be using anymore. Hire professionals like us and we’ll let you know how much you’ll be getting out of your junk car if you ask us to remove it for you

We Can Remove Junk Cars!

Our junk car removal service includes the towing and the transfer of ownership so that you will get your money for the junk cars you don’t even need anymore. If the junk car is too old and poorly maintained that it cannot be driven anymore, there’s no need to worry. We can tow the car to our junkyard so you won’t have to bring it to us. But if you can bring it to us, the price will change. It all depends on the quality of the car, the missing parts, and how you are going to get the car to our yard. If you have junk cars, let us take them off of your hands.

A2Z Cash for Cars provides the junk car removal service you need so that you’ll be rid of these cars that you won’t be using anymore. Do you have junk cars on your property in Greensboro, NC that you want to be rid of? Give us a call at (336) 988-5500 today so we can start with the removal right away!

When you choose A2z you always get the best deal possible. Clients expect nothing less when it comes to cash for junk cars. It’s our mission to provide the best value for your junk vehicles. We look forward to hearing from you soon.